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Hot Pod News→ Insider September 23 — The hits matter

2022-09-23 I am not having a chill Friday, but I hope you are. Let’s get into it: podcast Twitter has feelings about a certain magazine article, I have feelings about Spotify’s audiobook vertical, and everyone has feelings about the fact the CIA is making a p …›

Hot Pod News→ Spotify now sells audiobooks

2022-09-20 There is a lot happening today, so I won’t dally. Spotify is finally launching its audiobooks feature, Adnan Syed of Serial is free, and we are opening up the Hot Pod Summit lottery. Spotify launches audiobooks in the US Spotify is bringing audiobook …›

Hot Pod News→ Hot Pod goes Hollywood

2022-09-20 We’ve got a lot on the docket, so I’ll keep it brief. Today: Meghan Markle takes a break from her hit podcast during the royal mourning period, Brookings breaks down the political podcast ecosystem, and some exciting announcements about our upcomin …›

Transom→ Darts and Laurels Minus The Darts

2022-09-13 There’s a rule for interviewers: shut up. Interviewers are not supposed to talk while an interviewee gives an answer. In particular, don’t say “mm-hm” or “oh!” or “Hunh”… keep all the little utterances of normal conversation to yourse …›

Hot Pod News→ Drama, darling

2022-09-09 I hope you all had a chill Labor Day à la Miss Flo. I spent more of it on Twitter than I would have liked because of the spit 🙏, a gift from the messy drama gods. I don’t care what Chris Pine’s PR says — we saw what we saw. Speaking of d …›

Transom→ Ariana Martinez, Part 1

2022-09-06 A Time-Based Medium Intro: An Invitation “But time is not what you do something with — time does something with you.”—Sheila Heti, Motherhood Do you remember the last time you surrendered to an experience? When you relinquished expectation or c …›

Hot Pod News→ Why aren’t book club pods more of a thing?

2022-09-01 It’s a chill news week in the audio world, which fits because I could use the break ahead of Labor Day weekend. A quick reminder that we are off tomorrow, so no Friday newsletter. My plans entail making a big bowl of pasta and setting up a screen in …›

Transom→ Wolves, Horses, Boars, Birds, and Bugs

2022-08-12 There’s a haunting, high-pitched, dissonant sound that rises from the woods every spring in New England. Peepers. Incredibly small frogs about the size of a thumbnail. They’re so small it seems impossible they’re as loud as they are. One evening …›

Transom→ Starting Out: Issue 12, with B.A. Parker

2022-08-09 Introduction   Welcome back to Starting Out from me and Transom!  This month marks one year of Starting Out, and I kind of can’t believe it. Over the last year I’ve written this newsletter in my free time: on planes, trains and occas …›

Transom→ Tips For Interviewing Shy People (Especially Nuns)

2022-08-02 Not too long ago, a colleague and I interviewed someone for a story. I wouldn’t describe the interviewee as shy, per se, but they were definitely guarded, as though monitoring everything they said. To be sure, they were a good talker, they told stori …›

Transom→ The Art of the Radio Feature

2022-07-26 Veteran Australian producer Mike Ladd gives his thoughts on making radio features, focusing on subject, sound, shape and script. What follows here are some personal ideas and practical tips gained from four decades of listening to, thinking about, and …›

Transom→ Nausea, Forehead Mics, and Immersion

2022-07-19 One of my favorite narrative journalism reporters is Ted Conover. Two books of his in particular stand out because he dives in and becomes a character in the story he’s reporting: Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails with America’s Hoboes and New Jack …›