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Doc Searls Weblog→ Attention is not a commodity

2022-09-18 In one of his typically trenchant posts, titled Attentive, Scott Galloway (@profgalloway) compares human attention to oil, meaning an extractive commodity: We used to refer to an information economy. But economies are defined by scarcity, not abundanc …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Because We Still Have Net 1.0

2022-09-16 That’s the flyer for the first salon in our Beyond the Web Series at the Ostrom Workshop, here at Indiana University. You can attend in person or on Zoom. Register here for that. It’s at 2 PM Eastern on Monday, September 19. And yes, all …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Of Waste and Value

2022-09-09 One morning a couple months ago, while I was staying at a friend’s house near Los Angeles, I was surprised to find the Los Angeles Times still being delivered there. The paper was smaller and thinner than it used to be, with minimized news, rema …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ The Empire Strikes On

2022-07-31 Twelve years ago, I posted The Data Bubble. It began, The tide turned today. Mark it: 31 July 2010. That’s when The Wall Street Journal published The Web’s Gold Mine: Your Secrets, subtitled A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastes …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ On windowseat photography

2022-07-30 A visitor to aerial photos on my Flickr site asked me where one should sit on a passenger plane to shoot pictures like mine. This post expands on what I wrote back to him. Here’s the main thing: you want a window seat on the side of the plane sh …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Remembering Craig Burton

2022-07-27 I used to tell Craig Burton there was no proof that he could be killed, because he came so close, so many times. But now we have it. Cancer got him, a week ago today. He was sixty-seven. So here’s a bit of back-story on how Craig and I became gr …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Subscriptification

2022-07-15 via Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Let’s start with what happened to TV. For decades, all TV signals were “over the air,” and free to be watched by anyone with a TV and an antenna. Then these things happened:  Community …›

Source→ Survey time: Tell us about your work

2022-07-06 By Erika Owens Here at Source, we care a lot about the power of data and the duty to share it responsibly. And the importance of data relates to ourselves too—to understanding the journalism industry and our roles within it. Help us g …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ What shall I call my newsletter?

2022-06-21 I’ve been blogging since 1999, first at, and since 2007 here. I also plan to continue blogging here* for the rest of my life. But it’s clear now that newsletters are where it’s at, so I’m going to start one of …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Why the Celtics will win the NBA finals

2022-06-13 Marcus Smart. Photo by Eric Drost, via Wikimedia Commons. Back in 2016, I correctly predicted that the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the NBA finals, beating the heavily favored Golden State Warriors, which had won a record 73 games in the regular sea …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ A thermal theory of basketball

2022-05-17 Chemistry is a good metaphor for how teams work—especially when times get tough, such as in the playoffs happening in the NBA right now. Think about it. Every element has a melting point: a temperature above which solid turns liquid. Basketball tea …›

Source→ What we learned from a year of Exit Interviews

2022-05-09 By Ryan Pitts We weren’t quite sure, in early 2021, how it would feel to run a series like Exit Interviews. Our community is full of journalists. Why would we publish essays about people leaving the newsroom? OpenNews events and programs have alw …›

Source→ Why web accessibility matters to me

2022-04-14 By Aditi Bhandari Blind and low-vision visitors may use screen readers to access your websites, or other assistive devices like this refreshable braille display. (Photo by Elizabeth Woolner on Unsplash) Editor's note: Aditi created "A star …›

Source→ A starter pack of accessibility resources

2022-04-14 By Aditi Bhandari Editor's note: Aditi also wrote about her own learning process in making accessibility a part of her work. You can find her essay here: Why web accessibility matters to me. If you’re new to accessible design, it may feel dauntin …›

Storybench→ Mobile and desktop data reporting tools

2022-03-04 Editor’s note: This article is from virtual reporting from the live streamed panel on March 3, 2022. Journalists need to have good tools on hand at all times for efficient reporting, especially while on the field. Mike Reilley, founder of Jou …›