Better News→ How the Montgomery Advertiser is building trust and growing audiences in Alabama’s rural communities

2023-03-22 Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Build trusted relationships with people who have lived without local news sources for years, by showing up for these communities, listening to them and delivering the content they most want. Make sure the coverage i …›

Current→ New England Public Media lays off nearly 20% of staff

2023-03-22 The stations serving western Massachusetts are downsizing in response to “serious financial headwinds” that began during the pandemic. The post New England Public Media lays off nearly 20% of staff appeared first on Current. …›

Mike Masnick – Techdirt→ Matt Taibbi Can’t Comprehend That There Are Reasons To Study Propaganda Information Flows, So He Insists It Must Be Nefarious

2023-03-22 Over the last few months, Elon Musk’s handpicked journalists have continued revealing less and less with each new edition of the “Twitter Files,” to the point that even those of us who write about this area have mostly been skimming each new rele …›

Nieman Lab→ A forthcoming news site absorbs Grid (and its Middle Eastern funding, too)

2023-03-22 RIP the brand Grid, 2022–2023. A little over a year after its launch, the news site Grid is being absorbed into The Messenger, a forthcoming news site that plans to employ 550 journalists within a year while changing “the face of the media land …›

Current→ Public media campaign aims to help stations reverse new donor slump

2023-03-22 The May event will encourage supporters to share their love for public media. The post Public media campaign aims to help stations reverse new donor slump appeared first on Current. …›

Nieman Lab→ The Boston Globe steps back from The Emancipator after two years helping the racial justice outlet launch

2023-03-22 The Emancipator launched in 2021 with lofty goals (to reframe a national conversation in order to “hasten racial justice”), an impressive list of supporters (its original advisory board included Joy Reid, Eddie Glaude, Sewell Chan, Nikole H …›

PRX Official - Medium→ “Reveal” & PRX Win Overseas Press Club of America Award For Audio Coverage of International Affairs

2023-03-22 “My Neighbor the Suspected War Criminal” from “Reveal” and PRX Wins Overseas Press Club of America AwardThe “Reveal” episode is honored with The Lowell Thomas Award for best radio, audio, or podcast coverage of international affairsThe Ove …›

Mike Masnick – Techdirt→ Book Publishers Won’t Stop Until Libraries Are Dead

2023-03-22 Earlier this week there was finally a hearing in the case brought by the big book publishers to kill off libraries. That, of course, is not how the publishers describe the lawsuit, but it’s absolutely what the lawsuit is about. We’ll get to some of …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Publishers prepare for showdown with Microsoft and Google over AI tools

2023-03-22 …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Live from the Rubble

2023-03-22 Murat Bayram reports on the earthquake—and the government’s failings—in Turkey. …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Midjourney has banned “arrested” prompts after a journalist created viral AI images of Donald Trump

2023-03-22 …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Community-Centered Outlets Empower and Inform Latinos

2023-03-22 In recent years, journalists and academics have highlighted the rise of false claims flourishing in Latino communities. The topic has made its way to Congress, as members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have called tech leaders to Capitol Hill to …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ “Tips From Dead People” brings life lessons from obituaries to TikTok

2023-03-22 …›

The Journalist's Resource→ Silicon Valley Bank and deregulation: A research-based explainer

2023-03-22 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email On March 10, Silicon Valley Bank, the banker of choice for many firms in the tech world, achieved ignominy as the second-biggest bank failure in U.S. history. The recent images published by news outlets …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The rushed launch of AI chatbots from Google and Microsoft will degrade the web’s info ecosystem

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Francesca Barber will leave The New York Times to become Politico’s first executive director of global newsroom strategy

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ A white supremacist leader has been arrested for threatening to kill a journalist reporting on the organization

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The New York Times bets on games to meet its goal of 15 million subscribers by 2027

2023-03-22 …›

RJI→ How to operate a WeChat newsletter with the help of the community

2023-03-22 We introduced using WeChat for newsletters in the last article, including how to create a newsletter and the importance of WeChat in the Chinese community. The next step is to figure out how to operate a newsletter consistently, especially when the …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at George W. Bush says his only regret is he “only had two shoes”

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ New England Public Media cuts 20% of its staff

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Spotify promised $100 million to promote diversity after a Joe Rogan controversy. It’s spent less than 10% after one year.

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The percentage of people of color in the general population remains higher than among top news editors

2023-03-22 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Hundreds of Hearst Magazines Media staffers plan to walkout this week

2023-03-22 …›

Poynter→ An obit lover took her passion, and dead people’s life lessons, to TikTok

2023-03-22 One year at Christmas, Mary McGreevy’s family went around the table and shared headlines for their obituaries. McGreevy’s mother, who worked as a journalist, journalism professor and later a personal […] …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Q&A: Tariro Mzezewa on what the travel beat says about us

2023-03-22 There is an obvious upside to Tariro Mzezewa’s primary beat. As a travel reporter—she worked for the New York Times’ travel desk for almost three years, and now freelances for the Times, The Cut, and Condé Nast Traveler, among other publications …›

Poynter→ A former Fox News producer drops bombshell allegations

2023-03-22 She claims Fox lawyers coerced her into giving testimony meant to be misleading in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News. …›

Poynter→ George Santos’ lies evolved and thrived because of neglected newsroom practices

2023-03-22 It’s difficult to crown the liar king because there are so many candidates, beginning with former President Donald Trump, who made some 30,573 false or misleading claims over four years […] …›

Poynter→ How a new system is sending livers from poor states to richer ones

2023-03-22 Plus, why today’s Fed meeting really matters to Wall Street, home prices fall for the first time in a decade, and more. …›

Poynter→ Do rising fentanyl seizures at the border signal better detection or more drugs?

2023-03-22 Experts say seizure data can definitively tell us only how many drugs were stopped from entering the US. Any other information is theoretical. …›

Poynter→ Longtime senior executive Rob King out at ESPN

2023-03-22 According to a report from the New York Post, ESPN fired King for allegations of harassment. However, King said he is resigning. …›

The Journalist's Resource→ Organizing your research: A scientist’s tips for journalists

2023-03-21 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email Journalists collect a lot of stuff while reporting, especially for big stories and projects: interviews, documents, research papers, articles. It can be overwhelming at times. Academics too must collect …›

Mike Masnick – Techdirt→ Why Link Taxes Like Canada’s C-18 Represent An End To An Open Web

2023-03-21 Well, here we go again. For years now, the legacy news industry, often led by lobbyists for Rupert Murdoch, have been pushing a bizarre plan to tax links on the internet. The entire rationale for this plan seems to be “news organizations used to be r …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ My mother, the troll

2023-03-21 …›

Storyboard Posts | Nieman Storyboard→ Pause before you hit the SEND button

2023-03-21 By Jacqui Banaszynski I long ago abandoned the illusion that I could block spam from my inboxes, prevent hacks of my accounts or keep much of my private business private. Unless you live way off-the-grid — maybe in a yurt on the outer edge of …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Business journalist Joe Bel Bruno is launching The Intersect to cover Wall Street’s influence over the entertainment industry

2023-03-21 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Publishers are touting generative AI opportunities to save and make money amid a rough media market

2023-03-21 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Iraq and the limits of anniversary journalism

2023-03-21 …›