Nieman Lab→ “To kill a journalist in Mexico is like killing no one”: Journalists in 40 Mexican cities protest following three murders

2022-01-26 To be a journalist in Mexico right now is to put your life at risk, not just for covering sensitive issues, but while also working through poor labor conditions. Journalists in 40 Mexican cities protested on Tuesday evening not just for three colleague …›

Current→ Jad Abumrad steps down from ‘Radiolab’

2022-01-26 Latif Nasser and Lulu Miller will continue as hosts. …›

Poynter→ Video showing Joe Biden compare MLK assassination to George Floyd death needs context

2022-01-26 On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a video of President Joe Biden began to circulate online in which he said, “Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact […] The post Video showing Joe Biden compare MLK assassination to G …›

Current→ Bob Dambach, retired director of TV for Prairie Public, dies at 70

2022-01-26 Dambach's many award-winning productions for Prairie Public include a series of documentaries on Germans from Russia. …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Can CNN’s hiring spree get people to pay for streaming news?

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ With most still working from home, The Philadelphia Inquirer plans to move and shrink its office footprint by 60%

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The “slow news” startup Tortoise will grow its membership program and lean into podcasting

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Radiolab founder and cohost Jad Abumrad will step aside from the podcast

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ “There is no point being a journalist anymore.” The demise of Hong Kong’s independent news outlets has left hundreds of journalists out of a job.

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Google kills off FLoC, its proposed replacement for third-party cookies, in favor of “Topics”

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The community-focused URL Media is now a year old. Here’s what it has accomplished so far

2022-01-26 …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ Fish growth slowed by high temperatures and plastic chemical BPA, research shows

2022-01-26 Scientists at University of Sydney find that fish exposed to industrial chemical BPA in warmer waters need more food to reach a given sizeGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesFis …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ Morrison government urged to stop using northern Australia fund for fossil fuel projects

2022-01-26 Coalition announces extra $2bn for Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and won’t rule out Beetaloo basin fundingGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingThe Morrison government has tipped an extra $2bn into the Northern Australia I …›

NYT > Climate and Environment→ Redwood Forest in California Is Returned to Native Tribes

2022-01-26 Ownership of more than 500 acres of a forest in Mendocino County was returned to 10 sovereign tribes who will serve as guardians to “protect and heal” the land. …›

Poynter→ How one student newsroom integrated sports and news

2022-01-26 The Lead is a weekly newsletter that provides resources and connections for student journalists in both college and high school. Sign up here to have it delivered to your inbox every Wednesday […] The post How one student newsroom integrated sp …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The Long Beach Post takes a hard look at its own election coverage

2022-01-26 …›

The Journalist's Resource→ Being receptive to opposing views — why it matters (plus 3 tips to help journalists build rapport with distrustful sources)

2022-01-26 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email A new paper examines decades of research on receptiveness to opposing views, offering insights into how to evaluate other people’s opinions and why some discussions — even when the goal is civil dis …›

American Press Institute→ Need to Know: January 26, 2022

2022-01-26 OFF THE TOP You might have heard: By mass-texting local residents, Outlier Media connects low-income news consumers to useful, personalized data (Nieman Lab)  But did you know: Pigeon 605 is delivering personalized local news via digital bird to resid …›

Climate News -- ScienceDaily→ Urban greening ‘not a panacea’ for dealing with extreme weather

2022-01-26 Urban greening is unlikely to provide a single fix for tackling extreme weather events brought on by climate change, scientists have suggested. …›

Poynter→ URL Media is turning one. Here’s what it accomplished in supporting Black and Brown newsrooms

2022-01-26 S. Mitra Kalita and Sara Lomax-Reese had this moment when they knew they had to build something with existing newsrooms, not remake them or start new. “There was yet another […] The post URL Media is turning one. Here’s what it accomplished i …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ As turns eight, the digital news site launches an initiative to help polarized India find common ground

2022-01-26 …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ The scientific process, and how to handle misinformation

2022-01-26 After Donald Trump was elected, in 2016, misinformation—and its more toxic cousin, disinformation—began to feel like an increasingly urgent social and political emergency. Concerns about Russian trolls meddling in American elections were soon joine …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Women face workplace harassment in Nepali newsrooms, but journalists don’t always feel safe sharing their stories

2022-01-26 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How creator funds fall short for creators

2022-01-26 …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ Carbon offsetting is not warding off environmental collapse – it’s accelerating it | George Monbiot

2022-01-26 Wealthy companies are using the facade of ‘nature-based solutions’ to enact a great carbon land grabThere is nothing that cannot be corrupted, nothing good that cannot be transformed into something bad. And there is no clearer example than the grea …›

Poynter→ The musical chairs of network and cable news are getting interesting

2022-01-26 Brian Williams back to network news? Norah O’Donnell to cable? Or maybe it’s Williams back to cable? The music is playing, and when it stops, you could see some interesting […] The post The musical chairs of network and cable news are getting …›

Poynter→ Calculate your skills — and value — before joining the Great Resignation

2022-01-26 I left my job in the spring of 2021, just a few months before a huge wave of people left their job (nearly 13 million between August and October). Something […] The post Calculate your skills — and value — before joining the Great Resignation …›

Poynter→ Biden withdraws vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 employees

2022-01-26 Covering COVID-19 is a daily Poynter briefing of story ideas about the coronavirus and other timely topics for journalists, written by senior faculty Al Tompkins. Sign up here to have […] The post Biden withdraws vaccine mandate for businesses wi …›

Poynter→ Social media claims about Louie Anderson’s in-flight sickness after a COVID-19 booster aren’t true

2022-01-26 On Jan. 21, comedian and actor Louie Anderson died. His longtime publicist, Glenn Schwartz, told reporters that Anderson died due to complications of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a blood cancer. But, […] The post Social media claims about Lou …›

Inside Climate News→ Activists Target Public Relations Groups For Greenwashing Fossil Fuels

2022-01-26 A firm called Clean Creatives published an “F-List” of firms for spreading misinformation. The PR giant Edelman pushed back, saying it had never erred on climate facts.By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York, The Financial TimesDuncan Meisel used …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ Messages on menus can double number of diners choosing plant-based options

2022-01-26 Themes of making a small change for a big impact and joining a movement are effective in nudging consumers, research findsSimple changes to messages on restaurants’ menus can double the frequency of customers choosing plant-based options instead of m …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ ‘He’s a villain’: Joe Manchin attracts global anger over climate crisis

2022-01-26 The West Virginia senator’s name is reviled on the streets of Bangladesh and other countries facing climate disaster as he blocks Biden’s effort to curb planet-heating gasesWithin the brutal machinations of US politics, Joe Manchin has been elevate …›

Climate crisis | The Guardian→ Low-carbon ambitions must not interfere with ‘normal life’, says Xi Jinping

2022-01-26 President signals more cautious approach to climate crisis and says China must ‘overcome notion of rapid success’ China’s ambitious low-carbon goals will not be realised easily and should not come at the expense of energy and food security or the …›

The Journalist's Resource→ Native Americans have higher death rates, lower life expectancy than white, Black and Hispanic populations, CDC study shows

2022-01-25 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email American Indian and Alaska Native populations have substantially higher death rates across age groups and the lowest average life expectancy compared with white, Black and Hispanic populations in the U.S., …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The unusual origins behind the splashiest, newest political news site

2022-01-25 …›

MediaWell→ Digital Technology and Extreme Speech: Approaches to Counter Online Hate | UN Peacekeeping

2022-01-25 To address the spread and severity of online hate and disinformation, and the mammoth challenge they have posed to human rights protection, this strategy paper calls for keen attention toward dynamic scenarios where online vitriolic expressions, actor …›

MediaWell→ Kazakhstan’s internet shutdown is the latest episode in an ominous trend: digital authoritarianism | The Conversation

2022-01-25 The Kazakhstan government shut off the internet nationwide on Jan. 5, 2022, in response to widespread civil unrest in the country. The unrest started on Jan. 2, after the government lifted the price cap on liquid natural gas, which Kazakhs use to fue …›

Nieman Lab→ Local news takes flight in South Dakota’s largest city

2022-01-25 Here’s a fun one. Did you know Paul Reuter, who would go on to found Reuters, initially used pigeons to fly stock prices and other bits of news between Aachen and Brussels? In South Dakota, Pigeon 605 — a year-old sister site to SiouxFalls.Busi …›

Current→ Walt Gillette, longtime WAMU fundraiser, dies at 64

2022-01-25 Colleagues knew Gillette for his passion for public radio, his wry wit and a sanguine nature that never waned even during tough fundraising campaigns. …›