Poynter→ The International Fact-Checking Network’s statement on the Philippine government’s decision to shut down Rappler

2022-06-30 It is disappointing to see that the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission affirmed its earlier decision to revoke the certificates of incorporation of Rappler Inc. and Rappler Holdings Corporation, effectively […] The post The Internatio …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Wired’s union threatens to strike on Amazon Prime Days (July 12 and 13)

2022-06-30 …›

Hot Pod News→ The economy comes for Substack

2022-06-30 I am weary from the last week of SCOTUS decisions that have made clear how little the court cares for our well-being. But I did read a great book! That takes the edge off.  During the pandemic, I dug deep into climate fiction as some kind of morbi …›

Poynter→ A Colorado newspaper settled a libel lawsuit. Now it’s facing accusations of self-censorship.

2022-06-30 Nestled at the bottom of Aspen Mountain in Colorado is a nearly 1-acre parcel of land. It sold for $10 million last July. Just seven months later, the property exchanged […] The post A Colorado newspaper settled a libel lawsuit. Now it’s fa …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Twitter is the go-to social media site for U.S. journalists, but not for the public

2022-06-30 …›

Poynter→ Journalists should better define ‘RINO’ to disempower its autocratic use

2022-06-30 The news media has been lax in denoting the derogatory acronym RINO, typically stating that it means “Republican in Name Only.” Although the term and its variations have been used […] The post Journalists should better define ‘RINO’ to di …›

Current→ NPR board passes ambitious plan to expand digital fundraising, podcast subscriptions

2022-06-30 “This is really the first step in the next 50 years of NPR,” said CEO John Lansing. …›

Hot Pod News→ The Chaos Issue

2022-06-30 I hope you all had a good weekend. I certainly wasn’t huddled in a ball of anxiety about the very fabric of women’s rights in the US being stripped away, no sir.  On that note, there is a lot going on in the audio world in response to the Supr …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ What we talk about when we talk about people talking about people talking

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Since 2005, Texas has lost more newspaper journalists per capita than all but two other states

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How The Lenfest Institute is measuring impact in the Philadelphia media ecosystem

2022-06-30 …›

Current→ Comings and goings: NPR promotes Yolanda Sangweni to VP, Futuro Media Group appoints Julio Ricardo Varela president …

2022-06-30 Yolanda Sangweni was promoted to VP of programming and new content development for NPR. …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Brands want to be more than your friend. They want community.

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ First Amendment confrontation may loom in post-Roe fight

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ CBS launches a joint investigation between news, stations, and streaming

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The fact-checking movement grapples with a world awash in false claims

2022-06-30 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ “We should side with democracy”: Why the war in Ukraine is existential for Baltic journalists

2022-06-30 …›

The Journalist's Resource→ Google searches for abortion pills spiked after the May leak of SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v. Wade

2022-06-30 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email Google searches for abortion medications reached an all-time high in the hours and days after the May 2 leak of a draft Supreme Court majority opinion in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade, and the searchers …›

Online Journalism Blog→ VIDEO: Thinking mobile-first in data journalism

2022-06-30 As news audiences have moved from desktop-based to primarily mobile consumption, the news industry has moved to mobile-first production — but it’s very easy to forget mobile when working on a data journalism project. In this video — firs …›

Storyboard Posts – Nieman Storyboard→ “… the Jenga tower simply will not collapse.”

2022-06-30 In the minority writing of last month’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, three justices delivered a dissent that was both lacerating rebuke and baleful elegy. Folded unexpectedy inside: a surprising reference to a popular game that ser …›

Nieman Lab→ The New York Times has added The Athletic to its all-access digital subscription

2022-06-30 Good news for sports fans who subscribe to The New York Times’s all-access digital bundle (or get home delivery): your subscription now includes free access to The Athletic. The New York Times bought the sports news site for $550 million in cold …›

Nieman Lab→ Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom

2022-06-30 With the 2022 midterms about 18 weeks away, election coverage is taking shape in many newsrooms. Some outlets are responding to new threats to democracy by shifting reporting resources to focus on voters or putting journalists on “the democracy b …›

American Press Institute→ Need to Know: June 30, 2022

2022-06-30 OFF THE TOP You might have heard: Local news deserts are expanding. Here’s what we’ll lose (The Washington Post) But did you know: Every week, two more newspapers close — and ‘news deserts’ grow larger (The Washington Post)  A new report fro …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Tech platforms, data, and the aftermath of Roe v. Wade

2022-06-30 Last Friday, the US Supreme Court handed down a decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 court case that had enshrined legal access to abortions in the United States. The decision was widely expected, thanks to a story that Politico published in May, …›

Poynter→ More fallout and media reaction from this week’s blockbuster Jan. 6 hearings

2022-06-30 Good morning. A quick note: There will be no Poynter Reporter on Friday or Monday as we celebrate the Fourth of July weekend. I’ll return next Tuesday. Be safe and […] The post More fallout and media reaction from this week’s blockbuster Jan. …›

Poynter→ The whole world is unhappier, poll finds

2022-06-30 Covering COVID-19 is a daily Poynter briefing of story ideas about the coronavirus and other timely topics for journalists, written by senior faculty Al Tompkins. Sign up here to have […] The post The whole world is unhappier, poll finds appeared …›

Poynter→ What is Jan. 6 hearing witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s background?

2022-06-30 A former White House staffer on June 28 took center stage in the congressional investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, delivering the most revealing testimony […] The post What is Jan. 6 hearing witness Cassidy Hutchinson …›

Better News→ How The Buffalo News used social videos on the Buffalo Bills to increase engagement

2022-06-29 Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Take a beat that your newsroom owns – in this case, the Buffalo Bills – and leverage your journalists’ expertise on the subject, paired with an appropriate platform like social video, to build reader engagemen …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The U.S. might try to ban TikTok. Again.

2022-06-29 …›

MediaWell→ Seeing and Believing Pro-Trump Fake News: The Interacting Roles of Online News Sources, Partisanship, and Education | Meirick | International Journal of Communication

2022-06-29 This study examined secondary survey data (N = 3,015) that asked respondents about real and pro-Trump fake news headlines in late 2016 as well as their reliance on online news sources. Reliance on Facebook for news was a vector for exposure to pro-T …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The accidental media critics of YouTube

2022-06-29 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Substack is laying off 14% of its staff

2022-06-29 …›

MediaWell→ Journalists covering abortion news are under attack | Scalawag

2022-06-29 What does it mean for a website to “encourage” abortion? New anti-abortion model legislation released last week by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) would force anyone who publishes work online to grapple with that question, putting j …›

MediaWell→ Big Tech remains silent on questions about data privacy in a post-Roe world | MIT Technology Review

2022-06-29 Google says in its terms of service that the company reserves the right to remove any content that violates the law or could harm other users, third parties, or Google itself. Those terms of service cover a wide range of products, including email, st …›

MediaWell→ Instagram hides some posts that mention abortion | AP News

2022-06-29 Instagram is blocking posts that mention abortion from public view, in some cases requiring its users to confirm their age before letting them view posts that offer up information about the procedure. Over the last day, several Instagram accounts run …›

MediaWell→ The biggest privacy risks in seeking abortion care in post-Roe America | The Verge

2022-06-29 For millions of Americans, finding abortion services in the US just became a legal minefield. With the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, suddenly “how to find an abortion” is a lot more complicated than a simple Google search. Abortion is now …›

The Journalist's Resource→ The US Supreme Court is more conservative than 75% of Americans, study finds

2022-06-29 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Email The Supreme Court has grown more conservative than the U.S. public over the past decade and is now more conservative than about 75% of Americans, finds a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy …›

Nieman Lab→ The U.S. is losing an average of two weekly newspapers a week

2022-06-29 The U.S. has lost a quarter of its newspapers since 2005 and is losing two a week (almost all weekly papers) on average, according to a new report from Northwestern University’s Medill School. In all, 2,500 American papers have disappeared since …›