Poynter→ Media coverage from the tragic condo collapse near Miami

2021-06-25 Horrific story on Thursday as a high-rise condo building in Surfside, Florida, (near Miami) partially collapsed. Early reports were that at least one person was dead. It is feared that number will climb dramatically. Searchers were digging through the …›

Poynter→ The Florida condo collapse will have lasting implications for older buildings

2021-06-25 Covering COVID-19 is a daily Poynter briefing of story ideas about the coronavirus and other timely topics for journalists, written by senior faculty Al Tompkins. Sign up here to have it delivered to your inbox every weekday morning. Condos don’t jus …›

Poynter→ The WHO did not reverse its position on kids getting COVID-19 vaccines

2021-06-25 A social media post on Instagram claims that the World Health Organization recently flipped its policy recommendation about children receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. “The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recently reversed its stance on children getting the …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ A storage crisis

2021-06-24 The best new phones come with the ability to shoot 108 megapixel photos, record 4K video with stereo sound, and pack the results into a terabyte of onboard storage. But what do you do when that storage fills up? If you want to keep those files, you …›

Nieman Lab→ BuzzFeed will go public. Here’s what it told investors about the future of digital media.

2021-06-24 One of the fun things about a media company going public is that it lets investors (and the rest of us) get a peek under the hood. BuzzFeed, which now includes HuffPost, Tasty, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning BuzzFeed News plus smaller brands As/Is (bea …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ A Missouri county will pay $280k to three journalists tear-gassed in Ferguson

2021-06-24 …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ Redux 002: Listen Up

2021-06-24 This is a a post on my (pre-blog) website. In retrospect, it turned out to be a dry run for both The Cluetrain Manifesto and a chapter of the book by the same name, which came out in 1999 and 2000, respectively. The brand names I drop are mostly anc …›

Current→ What might have happened: NPR sells off cultural programming, new network dubbed ‘NPR Music & Entertainment’

2021-06-24 In an alternate reality in 1983, NPR President Frank Mankiewicz, desperate for cash, unloads the network's arts programs on a consortium of major-market stations. Where would arts programming be today? …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Fire season is coming to California. The San Francisco Chronicle has launched a texting service to give readers updates.

2021-06-24 …›

Poynter→ Language around mental health — like gender, race and sexuality — needs reconsideration

2021-06-24 A reassessment of language has taken place in newsrooms across the country over the past several years — and rightfully continues. While a reckoning over race, gender and sexuality has changed what’s covered and how, the discussion around the langu …›

First Draft→ Conspiracy theories are spreading about John McAfee’s death

2021-06-24 The death of British-American antivirus pioneer John McAfee yesterday in his jail cell in Barcelona, Spain, hours after a court approved his extradition to the US to face charges of tax evasion, prompted multiple conspiracy theories. The Catalan justi …›

First Draft→ False claims about Ivermectin as a proven Covid-19 treatment

2021-06-24 Prominent influencers are falsely pushing Ivermectin as a proven Covid-19 treatment. Some scientists have described it as the “new hydroxychloroquine,” the anti-malaria drug that continues to be falsely promoted as a Covid-19 cure despite multiple …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Windows 11’s news feed has built-in tipping to support local content creators

2021-06-24 …›

Nieman Lab→ The Cookie Monster won’t be coming for the web’s most popular browser for another year-plus

2021-06-24 After a decade in which hundreds of oddly named ad-tech middlemen squeezed their way into online advertising — each taking a cut that could otherwise have gone to publishers — the theme of the past year-plus has been the tech giants taking back con …›

Storybench→ We’re back! Reinventing Local TV News Project results published through RTDNA

2021-06-24 Hello again, from the Reinventing Local TV News Project at Northeastern! It’s been four years since we started researching the future of local television news. It’s been quite a journey as we’ve examined the types of stories TV stations cover …›

Doc Searls Weblog→ What becomes of journalism when everybody can write or cast?

2021-06-24 Formalized journalism is outnumbered. In the industrialized world (and in much of the world that isn’t), nearly everyone of a double-digit age has a Net-connected mobile device for sharing words they write and scenes they shoot. While this does …›

Nieman Lab→ Rather than privatizing public service media, we should be expanding it online

2021-06-24 The UK government is reported to be pushing ahead with an investigation into privatizing Channel 4, reversing its 2017 decision that the broadcaster was a “precious public asset” that would “continue to be owned by the country.” Channel 4 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Alden hedge fund manager is one of the ultrawealthy investors using Roth IRAs to amass untaxed fortunes

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ A eulogy for the free press in Hong Kong

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Journalism’s trust problem goes both ways

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Tips for journalists covering the push to ban critical race theory in schools

2021-06-24 …›

Current→ PBS FY22 budget increases station dues, spending on content and marketing

2021-06-24 PBS CFO and Treasurer Tom Tardivo said the new dues amount to a “modest increase.” …›

MediaWell→ Maybe both sides are right: If SARS-CoV-2 was leaked from a Wuhan lab, it doesn’t mean the virus was necessarily engineered | Genetic Literacy Project

2021-06-24 The “lab leak” hypothesis about the origin of Covid-19 has been getting a lot of attention lately, and deservedly so. This is the idea that the SARS-CoV-2 virus accidentally escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, that conducts research on cor …›

MediaWell→ Disinformation exports: How foreign anti-vaccine narratives reached West African communities online | First Draft

2021-06-24 Nearly 2.5 billion Covid-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide. Despite this progress, significant obstacles stand in the way of ensuring global access to the vaccines. Chief among these is the lack of a sufficient supply of vaccines. Howeve …›

MediaWell→ Fact-checkers use automation to maximize their impact | Poynter

2021-06-24 Wednesday’s IFCN Talk highlighted the work of the Duke Reporters’ Lab’s automated fact-checking project, Squash, but as director Bill Adair noted, it’s far from the only fact-checking project using automation to fight falsehoods. Argentin …›

MediaWell→ I am Palestinian. Here’s how Israel silences us on social media. | Rest of World

2021-06-24 On June 6, I woke up to a notification on WhatsApp: Muna el-Kurd had been detained by Israeli police in Jerusalem. I watched the video of Muna being taken from her family’s home as Israeli police told her parents that they would return “every …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Despite promises, Facebook is still pushing political groups on its users

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Harassment from viewers takes a toll on local TV journalists — especially women of color

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ News leaders see hanging onto digital subscribers gained during Covid-19 as their biggest challenge

2021-06-24 …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Britney Spears fills a hole in her narrative

2021-06-24 #FreeBritney. That hashtag—once derided, in many quarters, as a conspiratorial fan obsession—lit up both social and traditional media again this week, as the pop star Britney Spears prepared to testify in a court hearing about her conservatorship, …›

Storyboard Posts – Nieman Storyboard→ What journalists need to know when interviewing a transgender person

2021-06-24 EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, in honor of Pride Month, we feature three posts about transgender issues. Read how Lane DeGregory of the Tampa Bay Times handled a profile in 2002, when there were few other journalistic models or guides, of a transgende …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Dean Baquet can’t stop calling people “one of the finest journalists of their generation”

2021-06-24 …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ U.K. will ban ads for junk food online and before 9pm on TV

2021-06-24 …›

Poynter→ Is there anything more interesting this week than the Supreme Court decisions?

2021-06-24 Don’t you find the times when the Supreme Court delivers the majority of its rulings to be absolutely fascinating? We are in such a time right now. Earlier this week, the case that made a big bang was the court’s ruling against the NCAA. To put it …›

Poynter→ Fact-checkers use automation to maximize their impact

2021-06-24 Factually is a newsletter about fact-checking and misinformation from Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network. Sign up here to receive it on your email every Thursday. The bots are back in town Wednesday’s IFCN Talk highlighted the work of th …›

Current→ Scott Tong named ‘Here & Now’ co-host

2021-06-24 Tong has worked for "Marketplace" for more than 16 years. …›

Poynter→ The US may extend its eviction moratorium

2021-06-24 Covering COVID-19 is a daily Poynter briefing of story ideas about the coronavirus and other timely topics for journalists, written by senior faculty Al Tompkins. Sign up here to have it delivered to your inbox every weekday morning. Today, the state o …›

Poynter→ Despite popular misconception, Supreme Court 9-0 rulings aren’t that rare

2021-06-24 In one of the final decisions of its current term, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the National Collegiate Athletic Association in a closely watched case, concluding that the NCAA could not prevent certain payments to college athletes, thus …›

Poynter→ The Supreme Court ruled in favor of students’ First Amendment rights. Legal experts say there are free speech questions left unanswered.

2021-06-23 First Amendment attorneys secured a victory in the Supreme Court on Wednesday after an 8-1 majority ruled in favor of a Pennsylvania high school athlete who, upset after not making the varsity cheer and softball rosters, used F-bombs in a Snapchat stor …›