What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How to price a paid subscription newsletter

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American Press Institute→ Need to Know: November 23, 2020

2020-11-23 Fresh useful insights for people advancing quality, innovative and sustainable journalism  OFF THE TOP You might have heard: Search engine optimization has created a service journalism revival (Reynolds Journalism Institute) But did you know: Service …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Fox, Newsmax, and the danger of low expectations

2020-11-23 On Thursday night—in the hours after President Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell convened a press conference and laundered spectacularly-deranged voter-fraud conspiracy theories involving Hugo Chávez, George Soros, and the Clintons …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The South China Morning Post has 10 questions for publishers launching paywalls

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Information overload helps fake news spread, and social media knows it

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ What makes it easy to hate Facebook but hard to leave? Groups

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How fake news aimed at Latinos thrives on social media

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How Facebook uses Alexa’s traffic rankings to promote misinformation

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ What journalism can learn from mutual aid

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ French journalists accuse their government of curtailing press freedoms

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How The Seattle Times sold 71,000 digital subs through “bridges and tunnels”

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The Trump administration is willing to take Confederate names off of military bases in exchange for killing Section 230

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Among French speakers, anti-mask groups are fueling the rise of alternative video platform Odysee

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The countries where democracy is most fragile are test subjects for platforms’ content moderation policies

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How Steve Bannon and a Chinese billionaire created a right-wing coronavirus media sensation

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How the new Biden administration could control infodemics

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ How a media myth demonized a generation of Black youth

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ COVID-19 makes the case for the importance of public service media to society

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ 10 things learned about AI and journalism in 2020

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Poynter→ Professors, consider volunteering in a local newsroom during the winter break

2020-11-22 Alma Matters is a Poynter newsletter designed to provide ideas, news and insight to those in the journalism education community. Subscribe here to get Alma Matters delivered to you. Good morning and happy post-Election Day! The newsletter is a bit shor …›

Poynter→ TFCN Fact-check: Was this wall installed at the White House on Election Day?

2020-11-20 This week, MediaWise’s Teen Fact-Checking Network took on a claim about a suspicious barrier allegedly put up around the president’s house.  The post TFCN Fact-check: Was this wall installed at the White House on Election Day? appeared first on Po …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ New vaccines, same story

2020-11-20 Pharmaceutical companies have developed two COVID-19 vaccines at an unprecedented speed. On this week’s Kicker, Sarah Zhang, a science writer for the Atlantic, and Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR, discuss why Americans still debate how serious …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ Setting our expectations for the COVID vaccine

2020-11-20 In January, when scientists in China released the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus, researchers around the world began the race to develop a vaccine. The press followed along: Updates on tiny, incremental advances in the clinical trial process …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ The Covid Tracking Project is still filling the data void left by the U.S. government

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Nieman Lab→ Daily news podcasts are “punching well above their weight” with audiences

2020-11-20 Daily news podcasts make up less than 1% of all podcasts produced but account for more than 10% of the overall downloads in the United States, according to a new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The report — authored by …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Lauren Williams and Ezra Klein are leaving Vox

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Ezra Klein will join The New York Times as an opinion columnist and podcast host

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Condé Nast will launch a NYT Cooking competitor and create hundreds of new product and engineering roles

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What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Jennifer Preston, VP of journalism at the Knight Foundation, is leaving

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Hot Pod News→ Inside: November 20, 2020 – Staff Trouble at The Ringer, Refer-o-Matic, A YouTube for Audio

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Nieman Lab→ Why should Trump supporters get media coverage that other groups of voters don’t?

2020-11-20 Editor’s note: The Front Page is a biweekly newsletter from The Objective, a publication that offers reporting, first-person commentary, and reported essays on how journalism has misrepresented or excluded specific communities in coverage, as well as …›

Columbia Journalism Review→ The source of all knowledge

2020-11-20 Language Corner aims to inform and entertain, and often discusses words and phrases in the news. VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE, defending President Trump during a conference in Munich in 2019, repeatedly invoked Trump’s name “as some God-given fount of …›

What We’re Reading – Nieman Lab→ Are Covid patients gasping “it isn’t real” as they die?

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Online Journalism Blog→ Brazilian journalists launch network analysis tool to investigate political relationships

2020-11-20 The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) has launched an advanced data tool to help journalists research about politicians and companies, reports Beatriz Farrugia.  The platform, Cruza Grafos (“Crossing Graphs”), was create …›

MediaWell→ How much political news do people see on Facebook? I went inside 173 people’s feeds to find out | Nieman Journalism Lab

2020-11-20 What do people see in their Facebook feeds? How much news do they encounter there — from legitimate outlets or from those known for sowing misinformation? Are most people’s accounts cesspools of fake news and garbage from disreputable sites, or d …›

MediaWell→ News Distrust Among Black Americans is a Fixable Problem | UT Austin Center for Media Engagement

2020-11-20 American society today feels more divided than ever, particularly along racial lines. In this project, the Center for Media Engagement asked Black Americans how news organizations could better cover their communities to help bridge the divide between …›

MediaWell→ The different forms of COVID-19 misinformation and their consequences | HKS Misinformation Review

2020-11-20 As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, an understanding of the structure and organization of beliefs in pandemic conspiracy theories and misinformation becomes increasingly critical for addressing the threat posed by these dubious ideas. In polling A …›

MediaWell→ Trump allies are among the frequent purveyors of election misinformation. | The New York Times

2020-11-20 President Trump and his allies have continuously amplified false and unsubstantiated claims about voting as they wage a multi-front assault on the legitimacy of the 2020 election. A pre-election analysis from the Election Integrity Partnership fou …›