Radio Survivor→ New Book Chronicles LPFM Activism & Organizing

2014-11-11 A new book chronicles “the practices of an activist organization focused on LPFM” during the first low-power licensing window at the turn of the century. Low Power to the People: Pirates, Protest, and Politics in FM Radio Activism is …›

PRPD News for Programmers→ Sample clocks for fundraising with the new Morning Edition

2014-11-11 Editor note:  This is a companion piece to an earlier post about fundraising with the new clocks. It may be shocking to realize that the new newsmagazine clocks for NPR start on Monday.   While many stations are busy planning their regul …›

10,000 Words→ The Economist Espresso Offers Bite-Sized Dose of Daily Global News

2014-11-11 At the end of last week, weekly global news publication The Economist announced a new offering called The Economist Espresso. Designed to be a snapshot of the day’s most important news in business, politics and finance, the magazine is releasing …›

PBS Stations Blog→ KLRN Gives Local San Antonio Veterans a Chance to Share their Experiences

2014-11-10 A local veteran shares her story with the crowdWhen the cast of "Telling: San Antonio" took their final bow at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts on October 5, there were a lot of hugs and tears. After weeks of rehearsals and a six show run, the …›

PBS Stations Blog→ Veterans Resources for Your Station

2014-11-10 To help your station commemorate and celebrate veterans, PBS has a number of resources you can use. Please take a moment to browse the list below, and feel free to email your PBS Digital rep or with any questions.Promo VideosThis spot …›

10,000 Words→ Cutting Men’s Pay in the Newsroom to Give More to Women Is a Great Idea

2014-11-10 This post is by Angela Washeck, Karen Fratti and Mona Zhang. What should newsroom leaders do if they inherit pay inequalities, but lack the budget to give raises? It’s certainly a difficult newsroom issue, and something that Poynter asked former …›

AIRmediaworks→ How to Mic a Field Interview

2014-11-10 Editor’s note: "From AIR's Archive" brings forward long-buried profiles and advice about audiocraft that we've collected over the years. This advice about mic use and placement comes from Robin White, the founder of Radio College, in 2001. Last wee …›

10,000 Words→ What Your Personal Website Says About You

2014-11-10 When’s the last time you checked in on your personal website and examined it from the perspective of an editor who has landed there after receiving your emailed pitch query? Since your page will define who you are as a writer, whether by design o …›

PBS Stations Blog→ PBS and DPTV Bring Miami Book Fair International to National Audience

2014-11-10 For the first time, PBS audiences across the country will have the opportunity to enjoy the acclaimed Miami Book Fair International, produced and presented by The Center for Writing and Literature at Miami Dade College (MDC). Coverage will be produced …›

NPR Ombudsman→ Open Forum

2014-11-10 Open Forum November 10, 201410:02 AM ET Edward Schumacher-Matos …›

NPR Ombudsman→ Abortion Or Infanticide In El Salvador?

2014-11-10 Abortion Or Infanticide In El Salvador? November 10, 2014 9:53 AM ET Edward Schumacher …›

PBS Stations Blog→ The PBS Streaming User: Who are they?

2014-11-10 Who are the people watching PBS content on Roku and other streaming devices?How many of them are there? Are they members? How do they like it – and does it cannibalize their viewing over the air?Those are the sorts of questions we’ve been asking ou …›

Radio Survivor→ WQXR’s Meet the Composer podcast: the first six months

2014-11-10 WQXR-FM’s Meet the Composer podcast is now around half a year old, and it has already become a wonderful resource. I just finished listening to the latest episode, focusing on the Brazilian composer Marcos Balter. “As a composer, [B …›

PRX→ A Radiotopia Surprise…

2014-11-07 Dear Diary, I can’t believe I am going to stand on a stage and read aloud our secrets. Am I nuts? Will you, or technically me, embarrass me? Will I be mortified? You, our wonderful fans, are giving Radiotopia such an incredible Kickstarter campai …›

PBS Stations Blog→ Best of DEG: KQED’s Deep Look

2014-11-07 See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Get a new perspective on our place in the universe and meet extraordinary new friends. Explore big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small with Deep Look, a new ultra-HD (4K) short video seri …›

10,000 Words→ Jill Abramson, Steven Brill Back Long-Form Journalism Start-Up

2014-11-07 A new start-up venture spearheaded by former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and award-winning journalist/Court TV founder Steven Brill focusing on long-form journalism says it will advance writers around $100,000 to produce substantial, …›

Radio Survivor→ New Mexico “ghost town reborn” gets Low Power FM station

2014-11-07 The Prometheus Radio Project has a blog post about its efforts on behalf of a fledgling Low Power FM radio station serving the hallowed town of Madrid, New Mexico. The LPFM station in question is KMRD, 96.9-LP, aka “Madrid Community Radio …›

Radio Survivor→ LPFM News: New Stations Include Movie Theater & Library

2014-11-06 First off, be sure to read contributor Gavin Dahl’s awesome article on budgeting for new LPFM stations. Advice comes from some great people at KDRT-LP, KIDE-FM, WRIR-LP and KYRS-FM. A fair number of construction permits were issues in the …›

Radio Survivor→ Your New LPFM Needs An Operating Budget

2014-11-06 Budget planning is one of the keys to success for community radio stations. You will need to assess your revenue sources, account for all expenses, pay careful attention to your bookkeeping and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Some stat …›

10,000 Words→ Enter Your Work for Free in Smithsonian Photo Contest

2014-11-06 Calling all photographers: the 12th annual Smithsonian Photo Contest deadline is coming up on November 28th. Have you entered yet? It’s free, so you should probably get on it. Entries fall into six categories: The Natural World, Travel, People, T …›

CPB Ombudsman Reports→ Roosevelt Preemption

2014-11-06 …›

Transom→ Sounds Good! Tape Syncs

2014-11-06 What the hell did I just watch? “Sounds Good” is not actually a production of the Canadian Audio Council. The Canadian Audio Council doesn’t exist, though Mr. Sub does. No – this video came about partially to spoof the videos I grew up watching …›

Transom→ Get Good Tape (Sync)

2014-11-06 Getting Tape At A Distance. Tape syncs make the radio world turn. It’s kind of our dirty little secret: we’re often not in the same room with the person we’re interviewing. I’ve recorded a lot of tape syncs and I really love doing them. I love …›

AIRmediaworks→ Public Media Scan: Oh, How We Share

2014-11-06 When we think about sharing, we think about space. (That is sort of a joke, about which more in a moment.) This week's Scan is about sharing stories within constraints  -- whether those limits are set by the attention-shredding cacophony of the Inter …›

PBS Stations Blog→ People Spend More Time in a Year on Digital Media than Everything Else Combined

2014-11-06 Several different American and British research studies, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Independent, and market research firm show a fairly depressing outlook on what people do with their days: people spend more time on TV, cel …›

AIRmediaworks→ East Coast, West Coast, Third Coast

2014-11-05 by Bec Feldhaus AdamsAIR Talent Director Buckle up, AIRsters: There will be nearly 250 of us in Chicago next week — that's 44 percent of the attendees, a record turnout. The question is: Does the other 56 percent know what it's missing?  We've go …›

PRX→ PRX at Third Coast Fest

2014-11-05 The countdown to Third Coast Fest begins! PRX will be in full-force, so if you have any questions, suggestions, funny jokes or great dance moves, we want to hear and see them! PRX happenings at TCF2014: PRX Dance Party. Put on your dancing pants an …›

AIRmediaworks→ New Grants Fund Localore Expansion

2014-11-05 We are proud to announce the creation of the New Enterprise Fund, a grant distribution that will spread new models and best practices from three Localore productions to stations and producers across the public media system. Principal funding for the g …›

PRPD News for Programmers→ AIR to Expand Localore Projects

2014-11-05 The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) has received funding to expand three of its Localore projects - Curious City, iSeeChange and Sonic Trace.  The funding will allow producers of those projects (located at Chicago Public Media, KVNF, Pa …›