Nieman Lab→ The Information is offering members a perk: an exclusive trip to “meet the right people” in China

2016-02-02 Technology site The Information is inviting some of its subscribers to join it on a trip to China next month. This isn’t a junket. Attendees are responsible for paying for their own travel, lodging, and other costs. (One assumes subscribers to Th …›

Nieman Lab→ Hot Pod: Podcasts about podcasts, a new player in sports audio, and a crowded election-podcast space

2016-02-02 Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is Issue Fifty-Eight, published February 2, 2016. First day of fun-employment! Self-employment, I mean. Gotta find a way to make money. FiveThirtyEight enters the elections podcast race. Let’s …›

Nieman Storyboard » Storyboard Posts→ Annotation Tuesday!: Teju Cole on “Far Away From Here”

2016-02-02 I first met Teju Cole under a tree strung with white lights. It was six years ago, at a book party in lower Manhattan, at the apartment of someone fortunate enough to have a backyard. All around us were fancy literary types — people with names like S …›

Radio Survivor→ Podcast #32 – FBI Files, Public Files, and Winter Storms

2016-02-02 The FCC just ruled that radio stations will have to upload their public files into an online database, making certain records much more accessible. We discuss what this means for both stations and listeners, and why, even though it seems like an …›

Radio Survivor→ How Automation Changed College Radio at KUTE

2016-02-01 When I began my graduate program at the University of Utah I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Jay W. and Sharlene B. Glasmann Teaching Fellowship. Upon receiving the fellowship my responsibilities were two fold: 1) Teach Comm 1510 Rad …›

Hacks/Hackers→ Chapters kick off 2016 with meetups and Connect events

2016-02-01 Welcome to 2016, hacks and hackers! It’s been six weeks since our last newsletter and several chapters have been keeping the fires burning, including San Francisco, which had its first Connect event... Visit Hacks/Hackers to read the full post and j …›

RJI Stories→ How stories can contribute to patient-centered care: A framework that targets efforts

2016-02-01 Health care providers are pursuing patient-centered care. This should yield positive results. Stories are a powerful way, for both patients and providers, to learn about and facilitate patient-centered care. …›

Nieman Lab→ News is a product: A new report outlines best practices for news product managers

2016-02-01 We end every year here at Nieman Lab with our annual predictions package, and one of the main themes that emerged out of the more than 100 contributions we received looking forward to 2016 was that product management would prove to become even more imp …›

Nieman Lab→ The sun never sets on The Times: How and why the British paper built its new weekly international app

2016-02-01 Most Thursday mornings start the same way for Seth Jacobson, the editor in charge of The Times of London Weekly, a new app aimed at readers outside the U.K. The app is released each Thursday, so that morning Jacobson begins reading through everything …›

Nieman Lab→ Jeff Bezos on The Washington Post’s digital strategy, the future of print, and sending Trump to space

2016-02-01 Jeff Bezos doesn’t spend much time in Washington, D.C. or at the offices of his Washington Post, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about the newspaper he bought for $250 million in 2013. He regularly meets …›

Radio Survivor→ Beyond polka battle, WMUA changes may represent a dramatic age shift

2016-02-01 I strongly recommend that Radio Survivor readers tune into our thirtieth podcast, in which Jennifer Waits and Eric Klein offer an overview of the changes taking place at University of Massachusetts radio station WMUA-FM in Amherst. This transiti …›

Idea Lab→ Why Kickstarter Is Not The Entire Story of Crowdfunded Journalism

2016-02-01 This post originally appeared on Through the Cracks: Crowdfunding in Journalism. Kickstarter plays a central role in the crowdfunding universe, but it is not the sun. The crowd is the sun. Kickstarter is a big planet in a solar system full of other pla …›

Storybench→ How Vox built a calendar marking every mass shooting in 2015

2016-02-01 Last year in the United States, 468 people were killed in 372 mass shootings. More than 1,000 were injured. As Vox reported at the end of 2015, “not a single month in 2015 was free from a mass shooting.”  Mass shootings were defined in t …›

Technology360→ Weekly readings for #pubmedia, 1/31/2016

2016-01-31 Here is another collection of selected links from my @haarsager Twitter feed for your late weekend reading.  --Dennis Cable/MVPD/Pay-TV Google is testing new “AllVid-style TV set-top” in cahoots with FCC, new pay-TV coalition says.  FierceCa …›

Radio Survivor→ College Radio Watch: KZSU’s Day of Noise, WSOU Blizzard Coverage and More News

2016-01-29 For the past few years I’ve been an avid listener of KZSU’s “Day of Noise,” a celebration of live experimental music. The tightly scheduled 24-hour broadcast features non-stop live performances from Stanford University …›

Nieman Lab→ Top departures at Politico come with hints of a new venture

2016-01-29 A shakeup at Politico, first reported by The Huffington Post, will see CEO and cofounder Jim VandeHei, chief White House correspondent Mike Allen, chief operating officer Kim Kingsley, chief revenue officer Roy Schwartz, and executive vice president Da …›

RJI Stories→ MediaShift Podcast 184: Twitter’s exec shakeup; ‘Peak Apple’?; George Kelly keeps the faith

2016-01-29 This week on the MediaShift podcast, Mark speaks with George Kelly, digital guru at the Bay Area News Group, and chair of the East Bay unit of the Newspaper Guild. …›

Nieman Lab→ A new storytelling platform hopes to move crisis reporting beyond isolated events in the news cycle

2016-01-29 The Coda Story homepage is a busy place — filled to the corners, literally, with stories exploring different facets of Russia’s war on LGBTQ rights. There’s a video profile of a transgender woman living in Georgia. There’s a collect …›

Nieman Lab→ The New York Times wants to tell you which TV shows are worth binging on with a new product

2016-01-29 The New York Times already has the likes of Manohla Dargis, A.O. Scott, James Poniewozik, and Wesley Morris on staff, directing our tastes and opinions of movies, television shows, and a range of cultural and pop cultural phenomena. But as familiar bou …›

Idea Lab→ Hacks and Hackers’ Take on Solutions Journalism

2016-01-29 This post originally appeared on the Solutions Journalism Network blog and is cross posted here with permission. Hacks and Hackers Connect, a series of events building regional communities of media entrepreneurs, brought journalists and developers toge …›

Radio Survivor→ Radio Art and New Media in Radio Studies: An Interview with Magz Hall – Pt. 2

2016-01-28 We’re happy to return to the second part of our interview with radio scholar and radio artist Magz Hall. In the first part of the interview, Hall detailed the many ways in which we can understand radio, in both a contemporary and historical co …›

Stories→ Software that writes about car chases

2016-01-28 David Caswell uses Wordsmith to generate natural language stories based on his Structured Stories RJI fellowship research project. …›

Radio Survivor→ LPFM Watch: Seattle’s LPFM Bounty & More News

2016-01-28 Seattle has been a hot-bed of low power FM (LPFM) activity, with numerous groups applying for and receiving construction permits for new radio stations. An article in Seattle Weekly last week recounts the progress that these applicants have made …›

Nieman Lab→ The Economist starts publishing its charts on the messaging app Line

2016-01-28 The Economist is publishing charts and other visual content on messaging app Line, the company announced this week. The Economist already promotes its bilingual English-Chinese app, The Economist Global Business Review, on WeChat in China, but it’ …›

Nieman Lab→ The Programming Corporation of America has a plan to keep those digital political ad dollars local

2016-01-28 Political ad dollars have been a boon for local TV stations for decades. Will local news outlets still be able to capture that money as political advertising moves to digital? That’s a question that the Programming Corporation of America (PCA) ai …›

Nieman Lab→ Amber, a plugin to prevent linkrot, is now available for download

2016-01-28 It’s been about a year since the Berkman Center at Harvard launched, in beta, a tool called Amber that helps preserve copies of every page linked to on a website. It’s an important project because, as we wrote at the time: [Broken links are …›

Nieman Storyboard » Storyboard Posts→ From Esquire Classic: Looking at John Sack’s “M”

2016-01-28 John Sack is an integral part of Esquire lore. This was the guy who sneaked aboard an American landing ship during the Korean War to interview Chinese POWs; the guy who shadowed the grunts of M Company in Fort Dix, New Jersey, and rolled out with them …›

Storybench→ How to install and brand your own version of Chartbuilder

2016-01-27 George Levines is digital editor at Defense One.  After customizing an installation of Chartbuilder for that newsroom, he agreed to write out a tutorial for Storybench.    Chartbuilder is an out-of-the-box chart and graph creation tool built by …›

Nieman Lab→ All the news that’s fit to podcast: Newspapers try out audio

2016-01-27 The podcasting fervor of 2015 has continued into 2016 and shows no signs of diminishing. Gimlet, the podcast startup cofounded by Alex Blumberg of Planet Money and public radio fame, is a household name in the digital audio world. Swedish-born podcasti …›

Idea Lab→ Alleviating News Deserts Through Spanish-Language News

2016-01-27 The overlap of Spanish-speaking communities with news deserts in the state of New Jersey offers a unique opportunity to bring news to these areas by upending the typical economics of hyperlocal news. Photo by Cyndy Sims Parr on Flickr and used here wit …›

Radio Survivor→ Podcast #31 – It’s the 13th Hour for Small Webcasters

2016-01-26 It’s the 13th hour for small webcasters, as broadcasters and supporters scramble to find a solution to new performance royalty rates that threaten to put hundreds, or even thousands of stations out of business. If that many small community …›

PRX→ What’s in My Buds? Featuring Craig Newmark from craigslist

2016-01-26 Craig Newmark is the founder of craigslist. He is a self-described nerd, web pioneer, speaker, philanthropist, and advocate of technology for the public good. Craig has had an illustrious career, but it’s not widely known that he’s also a …›

Transom→ Magical Realism In Radio

2016-01-26 Here's something you don't hear very often when talking about radio documentaries: magical realism. Producer David Weinberg talks about how he used magical realism in his doc "Grace of the Sea." …›

PBS Digital Stations Blog→ Blank Slate: Monopods

2016-01-26 Blank Slate is a new 16-part instructional series from PBS Digital Studios with the production team Video Dads, made up of Emmy-nominated video producers Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko. This week we have Kelsey Savage, Assistant Director in P …›

Nieman Storyboard » Storyboard Posts→ Notable Narrative: Ken Armstrong, T. Christian Miller and “An Unbelievable Story of Rape”

2016-01-26 Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller found themselves in the odd position of moving from competitors to collaborators, over the course of a phone call or two and a few emails. Miller says calling the lawyer of a potential source and finding out that a …›

Nieman Storyboard » Storyboard Posts→ Annotation Tuesday! Emily Yoffe and The College Rape Overcorrection

2016-01-26 Emily Yoffe When Emily Yoffe started looking into the issue of young men being expelled from colleges over alleged sexual assaults, she had in mind writing a “cheeky” 2,500-word story telling them what not to do. Ins …›

Source→ Source Project Roundup, Jan 26

2016-01-26 By Lindsay Muscato ( Two weeks of highlights and bookmarks: projects and code that showed us new angles, got newsroom coders talking, and pointed toward better ways of working. Follow NYC Snow Plows and Use Our Flood Monitor t …›

NPR Ombudsman : NPR→ NPR’s Error-Filled Map: An Explanation

2016-01-25 On Sunday morning Jan. 24, NPR's Goats and Soda blog published a piece with the title, "What Are You Afraid Of In 2016? Globetrotters Share Their Fears." The post was accompanied by an illustration, done by a freelance artist, which depicted som …›

Technology360→ Weekly readings for #pubmedia, Jan. 25, 2016

2016-01-25 These are a bit late due to the huge snowfall in northern Virginia, but here is the latest group of selected links from my @haarsager Twitter feed. Cable/MVPD/Pay-TV SNL Kagan: 20% of U.S. MVPDs now integrate SVOD services, and most of them are lo …›